Cray at Chippewa Falls

Cray at Chippewa Falls


Cray at Chippewa Falls (1987)

Cray at Chippewa Falls, which contains photographs of the facilities of Cray Research, a computer manufacturer in rural Wisconsin, was commissioned as an in-house publication by the president of the company to celebrate Cray’s fifteenth anniversary. Roughly split into two sections--the Chippewa Falls area and the workers at Cray’s laboratories--the work articulates the apparent paradox of a small, distinctly American farming town whose residents work at a research center on the cutting edge of technological advancement. The book was presented to company employees as a gift, and was never available for public sale.

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Cray Research, Inc.

Contents: 79 plates, 96 pages

Dimensions: 11⅜ x 12 inches

ISBN: n/a


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