The American Monument

The American Monument


The American Monument (1976)

With more than 200 photographs of monuments across the country--some recognizable, but many not--The American Monument, itself a landmark in Friedlander’s career, examines America’s fascination with immortalizing itself. Notably, the book is bound ledger-style, so the prints can be removed for framing. Publisher Leslie Katz writes: "This photographer in these photographs affirms the residual order in the crazy scene. He understands and brings us human civilization, embattled but intact in the various wilds of American enterprise, whether downtown, in suburbia, or on the roof."

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Eakins Press

Contents: 213 plates, 170 pages

Dimensions: 11½ x 16½ inches

ISBN: 0871300435

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