Apples and Olives

Apples and Olives


Apples and Olives (2005)

Apples and Olives combines photographs of apple and olive trees in what is a rarity for Friedlander: a book of landscapes, not made in the American Southwest. From the publisher: "...for Apples and Olives, [Friedlander] has looked back over the last decade's work and culled a forest, tree by tree. His docile subjects, apple trees photographed in New York State and olive trees photographed in France, Italy and Spain from 1997-2004, are presented in circumstances ranging from sunny, leafy summer health to glittering winter ice-storm glory. Some of the most striking compositions are shot from just inside the reach of a tree's furthest twigs, so that expanding branching limbs fill the frame, stretching out around the viewer."

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Fraenkel Gallery with the Hasselblad Foundation

Contents: 55 plates, 64 pages

Dimensions: 10¼ x 9⅝ inches

ISBN: 1933045329

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