Chain Link

Chain Link


Chain Link (2017) 

In Chain Link, Friedlander presents photographs containing chain link fences made over the course of his career. From the publisher: “Erected to delineate space, form protective barriers and bring order to chaos, the fences in Friedlander’s pictures catch filaments of light, throw disconcerting shadows and visually interrupt scenes without fully occluding them. Sometimes the steel mesh seems as delicate as lace; at others it appears as tough as snakeskin. In this book’s 97 pictures, drawn from over four decades of work, it recurs as versatile, utilitarian and ubiquitous—not unlike the photographer himself.”

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Steidl

Contents: 97 plates, 102 pages

Dimensions: 12½ x 11¾ inches

ISBN: 3958292593

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