JFK: A Photographic Memoir

JFK: A Photographic Memoir


JFK: A Photographic Memoir (2013)

In JFK: A Photographic Memoir, Friedlander documents America’s collective fascination with President John F. Kennedy. Each photograph contains Kennedy’s likeness in some form--on a screen at a drive-in, on a poster on a door, in a picture in a frame in someone’s home. From the publisher: "Fifty years after Kennedy's death, this book observes the public's reaction to the president's election and assassination, featuring many photographs published here for the first time… Friedlander has captured a moment in American history that galvanized the nation and continues to resonate today." 

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Yale University Art Gallery

Contents: 49 plates, 60 pages

Dimensions: 8½ x 9⅛ inches

ISBN: 0300191081

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