Lee Friedlander (Fraenkel Gallery) Limited Edition

Lee Friedlander (Fraenkel Gallery) Limited Edition


Lee Friedlander - Fraenkel Gallery Limited Edition (2000)

The self-titled Lee Friedlander explores one the genres for which Friedlander has become known: the self-portrait. From the publisher: “Among [Friedlander’s] most important subjects--once at the beginning of his career, and now thirty years later--is himself. With the photographic cornerstone of a monograph, Self Portrait, originally published in 1970, Friedlander created an archetype for self-imaging. Three decades later Friedlander re-acquainted himself with the far side of the camera."

Edition Size: 600

Publisher: Fraenkel Gallery

Description: Hardcover edition with a different cover than the softcover trade edition; signed

Details: Cloth over board cover with offset plate mounted on the cover

Contents: 77 plates, 88 pages

Dimensions: 10 x 10 inches

ISBN: 188133709X

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