10 Nudes (Special Edition)

10 Nudes (Special Edition)


10 Nudes - Special Edition (1991)

  • Edition Size: 40 (note that the edition number seen in the pictures may not be the one you receive)
  • Publisher: Haywire Press
  • Contents: Case contains a book of 10 signed, original, vintage prints, printed on thesis paper
  • Details: Textured paper over board case; leather book cover (pink) with textured paper cutout (black); gold stamped lettering
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 14. 6 x 1 inches

The special/deluxe editions listed on Haywire Press constitute a unique element of Friedlander's oeuvre. Created contemporaneously with the trade editions, these special/deluxe editions are tributes to both the titles they accompany and the craft of book binding. A true passion project for Friedlander, he would often purchase the materials for the custom binding himself in the Garment District of New York City, and throughout his travels. While Friedlander is known for his prolific output of books, these special editions, limited in size, represent a rare piece of Friedlander's body of work--one that is close to the artist's heart.

To create these special/deluxe editions, Friedlander collaborated with master book binder George Wieck, who bound nearly every edition. Friedlander generally gave Wieck minimal guidance as to how he wanted the editions to look, affording Wieck considerable creative control in designing them. Their collaboration only ended with Wieck’s passing.

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