Parties: The Human Clay

Parties: The Human Clay


Parties: The Human Clay

Parties: The Human Clay contains photographs of a variety of celebrations made over the course of Friedlander’s career. From the publisher: "From intimate gatherings to boisterous street parades, costume parties to black-tie affairs, Friedlander captures the spirit of these events in which they are commemorated. He documents surprisingly intimate moments--couples stealing a kiss, friends engaged in spirited conversation or laughing over drinks, guests lost in music on the dance floor... [as well as] a number of celebrities, including actors Ingrid Bergman and Sidney Poitier."

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Yale University Art Gallery/Yale University Press

Contents: 173 plates, 188 pages

Dimensions: 9⅞ x 11¼ inches

ISBN: 0300221789

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