Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom

Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom


Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom (2015)

In Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, Friedlander documents the historic 1957 nonviolent march on Washington, D.C. during the Civil Rights Movement in America that culminated in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Give Us the Ballot” speech. The book’s 58 photographs, all previously unpublished, are among Friedlander’s earliest work. From the publisher: "On May 17, 1957, through the generosity of Bayard Rustin, Lee Friedlander was given full access to photograph the participants of the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom in Washington, D.C. This extraordinary event, organized by Mr. Rustin, as well as A. Philip Randolph, Roy Wilkins and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., brought together many of the great thinkers and leaders of the period, and was a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights Movement."

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Eakins Press Foundation

Contents: 58 plates, 88 pages

Dimensions: 8¾ x 9⅜  inches

ISBN: 0871300710

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