Self Portrait

Self Portrait


Self Portrait (1970)

Self Portrait is Friedlander’s first monograph, self-published by Haywire Press. Inserting himself into the world around him in various ways--his face peering out from behind a trophy, the spectre of his enlarged silhouette looming over a doorway, his reflection in a dirty mirror, and perhaps most famously, the shadow of his head cast onto a woman walking in front of him on the street--Friedlander decidedly challenges and reinvents the form of the self-portrait. The result is a body of work that is alternatively mischievous, spooky, defiant, and even lighthearted, but never predictable. In the introduction, Friedlander writes: “They began as straight portraits but soon I was finding myself at times in the landscape of my photography. I might call myself an intruder.”

Binding: Softcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Haywire Press

Contents: 43 plates (42 plates plus the cover image, which is not reproduced in the book), 88 pages

Dimensions: 8½ x 9 inches

ISBN: n/a

Condition: Good

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