Sticks & Stones: Architectural America

Sticks & Stones: Architectural America


Sticks & Stones (2004)

In Sticks & Stones: Architectural America, Friedlander continues his exploration of the American landscape through a focus on architecture. From the publisher: “Whether he's representing modest vernacular buildings or monumental skyscrapers, Friedlander liberates them from our preconceived notions and gives us a new way of looking at our surrounding environment. Shot during the course of countless trips to urban and rural areas across the country, many of them made by car (the driver's window sometimes providing Friedlander with an extra frame), these pictures capture an America as unblemished by romanticized notions of human nature as it is full of quirky human touches.”

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: D.A.P./Fraenkel Gallery

Contents: 196 plates, 212 pages

Dimensions: 12½ x 11¾ inches

ISBN: 1891024979

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