The Little Screens

The Little Screens


The Little Screens (2001)

 A sort of domestic travelogue, The Little Screens contains photographs of television screens in motels and other undistinguished rooms across America, as well as a preface by Walker Evans. The cover features a crystallographic dual-image tipped in to the television-screen portion of the cover photograph, so that the face in the screen changes depending on the angle from which one views it. From the publisher: "Each screen vividly transmits images of popular culture icons, political figures, or minor celebrities of the times. The environments are iconographic ghost-filled rooms filled with bland furniture--rooms without personality, rooms that could be, and are, anywhere and everywhere."


Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Fraenkel Gallery

Contents: 34 plates, 88 pages

Dimensions: 9½ x 9⅜ inches

ISBN: 1881337111

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