Work from the Same House: Photographs & Etchings

Work from the Same House: Photographs & Etchings


Work from the Same House: Photographs and Etchings (1969)

In Work from the Same House, Friedlander’s first book, Friedlander’s photographs are paired with the etchings of the artist Jim Dine, marking an important collaboration between the two artists early in their careers. The works are paired less by their subject matter than by their shapes, light, and tone, creating a dialogue that is always complex and often playful. In the preface, Dine writes (in his own handwriting): “Lee Friedlander and I met in 1962. He gave me a photograph of Cincinnati without knowing that I am from there. We have been exchanging things all the time since then. Friendship and pictures. Our work is from the same house. He always understands my words.”

Binding: Softcover

Details: Signed by Friedlander

Publisher: Trigram Press

Contents: 33 plates (17 by Friedlander), 48 pages

Dimensions: 9¾ x 9¾ inches

ISBN: n/a 

Condition: Good/Very Good

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