America By Car (Limited Edition)

America By Car (Limited Edition)


America By Car - Limited Edition (2010)

  • Edition Size: 1000 (note that the edition number seen in the pictures may not be the one you receive)
  • Publisher: D.A.P./Fraenkel Gallery
  • Description: Large format edition of trade edition; signed and numbered
  • Details: The word "Car" is in gold on the cover 
  • Contents: 192 plates, 200 pages
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 18 x 2 inches
  • ISBN: 1935202081

America By Car contains photographs taken from the driver’s seat of cars Friedlander drove all across the country, creating something of a photographic travel diary as well as a testament to Friedlander’s nomadic process. From the publisher: "Enduring icons of American culture, the car and the highway remain vital as auguries of adventure and discovery, and a means by which to take in the country's vast scale. Lee Friedlander is the first photographer to make the car an actual 'form' for making photographs. Driving across most of the country's 50 states in an ordinary rental car, Friedlander applied the brilliantly simple conceit of deploying the sideview mirror, rearview mirror, the windshield and the side windows as a picture frame within which to record the country's eccentricities and obsessions at the turn of the century… The nearly 200 images in America by Car are easily among Friedlander's finest, full of virtuoso touch and clarity... Never has America been photographed so penetratingly and ingeniously as in Friedlander's latest body of work.”

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