Letters from the People (Special Edition)

Letters from the People (Special Edition)


Letters from the People Special Edition (1993)

Letters from the People contains over 200 photographs of letters, numbers--sequenced in alphabetical and numerical order--words, and phrases found on streets all across America--both printed and handwritten, on signs and on walls. Ranging from the familiar to the profane, to the heart-rending, to the confessional, the messages, written to everyone but no in particular, read like a democratic diary in public space, culminating in a sort of American epic.

Edition Size: 5 per letter (A-Z) and number (1-10)

Publisher: D.A.P.

Description: Case contains a copy of Letters from the People from the first edition printing in a custom binding, and 1 signed, original, vintage print; image size of print is 6 x 9½ inches, whether horizontal or vertical

Details: Cloth over board case and book cover

Dimensions: 13⅝ x 15⅛ x 1⅛ inches

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