Staglieno (2003)

Staglieno documents the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, near Genoa, Italy, the ancestral homeland of Friedlander’s wife, Maria. (Friedlander began the project while visiting Maria’s family in Genoa.) Built in the 19th century, the cemetery is home to an array of ornate sculptures and monuments that honor the deceased. In his introduction, Peter Galassi writes: "Photography likes sculpture. It likes to see how things look from different angles, especially things that don't move. It likes light falling on surfaces and the way the two become one in the picture... above all, it likes the way photography, which makes living figures still, awakens figures frozen in stone."

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Signed

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Contents: 48 plates, 56 pages

Dimensions: 11⅜ x 11 inches

ISBN: 1590050392

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